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The One Night in Intramuros tour is a dark history tour of Intramuros, focusing on the more macabre stories and events that happened within its walls. The 450 year old walls of Intramuros has seen intrigues and betrayal, crimes of passion, and death on a staggering scale, and the energies of these events permeate in Intramuros to this very day.

For over four centuries, Intramuros was the center of the Philippines, the seat of power during the Spanish Colonial Period. It was the religious, educational, and economic center of the country. We will walk around the old walls and heritage structures to give you a glimpse of the glory days of the Walled City as it rebuilds for the future.

The Chinoy Heritage Tour explores the historical enclaves of Binondo, San Nicolas, and Escolta, tracing the history of the Chinese-Filipino community throughout the centuries through heritage, culture, and food.

Most people go to Binondo because the food is great, and we can prove it! We’ll point out the popular places, take you to some hidden gems, and eat, eat, EAT!

Known as the Melting Pot of Manila, Quiapo is a fascinating district where folk traditions and modern commerce meet, where Christianity and Islam stand side by side, where there’s something interesting in every nook and cranny.

Poblacion is an exciting, vibrant, and colorful district nowadays, popularly known as Makati’s dining and nightlife district. Poblacion is also the birthplace of Makati, and the district still has vestiges of its past, waiting to be discovered.

A crash course on the four hundred year history of Manila, starting from its pre-colonial origins, through the Spanish and American Eras, leading into World War 2 and the modern era. With the heritage structures of Intramuros and the Commonwealth buildings as our backdrop, we will paint a picture of the Manila of the past and its relevance to the future.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Do you want to do something else? Maybe it’s time to customize a tour.

What is a WanderManila Tour like?

Anybody can bring you to the tourist sites and take your travel photos, but WanderManila will go the extra mile to make your tour more meaningful. We specialize in historical and cultural tours as well as curated experiences. Our tour guides are knowledgeable and can hold a crowd. They are trained to be engaging, informative, and to “read the room”, so to speak. You can expect to learn more about our history and culture with any tour you take, and you’re going to have a fun time while doing so.  

Read the room? What does that mean?

It means we’ll take into account your attention span, your level of fatigue, and your thirst for knowledge while you’re taking one of our tours. Do you want to know more about the effect of Catholicism in Manila? Sure, we’ll talk about that at length. Is the heat and distance getting to you? We’ll incorporate a bit of commuting into the tour, or we’ll shorten the route where we can. Are you dying to shop? We can take you places. At WanderManila, we know that people look for different experiences while travelling, and we want to take all of this into account when you tour with us.

How long does a typical tour take?

Our curated tours usually take between 2 – 3 hours. Custom Tours usually take longer depending on the complexity and inclusions of the tour.

Any advice for us before we tour with you?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, for starters; you’re really going to get your steps in, no matter what tour package you choose. Bringing your own bottled water is advisable, although we can work in a convenience store stop into the tour. As the Philippines is a very tropical country, it’s never a bad idea to wear a hat or bring an umbrella to the tour. Sunblock would be amazing too.

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