Chinoy Heritage Tour

The Chinoy Heritage Tour explores the historical enclaves of Binondo, San Nicolas, and Escolta, tracing the history of the Chinese-Filipino community throughout the centuries through heritage, culture, and food.

The Chinese influence in Manila and the Philippines cannot be overstated as they have been a major presence in the islands centuries before the Spanish arrived on our shores. Through the centuries, the Chinoy community put up with challenge after challenge to become an indelible presence not only in Manila but throughout this country.


Binondo Church • Panciteria Macanista de Buen Gusto • Sto Cristo de Longos • Bahay na Tisa • Casa Tribunales Naturales • Fire Station 1 • Ilang-Ilang Restaurant • Ongpin Street • Eng Bee Tin • Sto Cristo de Longos (Binondo) • Escolta Street • First United Building


Stopover the Alcaicería de San Fernando Museum inside the Pedro Guevarra School (Subject to availability) • Add more food stops • Add shopping stops for food and other items • Incorporate a lunch or dinner destination  

Chinoy Heritage Tour FAQs

How long will the tour take?

The Chinoy Heritage Tour usually takes around 3-4 hours to complete. This assumes a nice, comfortable walking pace. 


What time does the tour start? Can we do this tour anytime?

We can do the tour in the morning (8:00am start) or in the afternoon (2:00pm start). Ideally, we strongly suggest doing this tour during the weekends so that Binondo and San Nicolas would be easier and safer to navigate.


Thanks for the food stops, but can we have more?

Of course you can! Just let us know which resto you want to check out, and we’ll include it in the itinerary. Please note that any costs incurred per additional food stop will be paid for by the participants.

We want to take this tour, but we’re not really great with walking…

Not to worry! We can incorporate a bit of commuting between destinations, but you need to assume a fair amount of walking at any rate. If you want, we can rent a van or even a jeepney for you and your group, the cost of which will be added to your total tour fee. Prices of these rentals are available upon request. 


Number of participants:

We require a minimum number of 3 participants per tour. For 1 – 2 participants, you will pay the equivalent of 3 people, or Php 3,000.


Tour fee: Php 1,000 per person (minimum of 3 people)

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