¡Hola Intramuros!

For over four centuries, Intramuros was the center of the Philippines, the seat of power during the Spanish Colonial Period. The Walled City was the religious, educational, and economic center of the country. We will walk around the old walls and heritage structures to give you a glimpse of the glory days of the Walled City as it rebuilds for the future. 


The ¡Hola Intramuros! tour is perfect for those who are visiting Intramuros for the first time. It is also very kid-friendly, and good for families.


San Agustin Church • Intramuros Western Wall • Museo de Intramuros (Outdoors only) • Memorare Manila 1945 • Manila Cathedral • Fort Santiago

ITINERARY (Advanced — no extra cost)

San Agustin Church • Plaza San Luis • Intramuros Western Wall • Museo de Intramuros (Outdoors only) • Memorare Manila 1945 • Puerta de Parian • Aduana • Manila Cathedral • Fort Santiago


Visit the Casa Manila Museum or the San Agustin Museum • Check out the Baluarte de San Diego, Puerta Real Garden, and Baluarte de Dilao • Hire a Kalesa or the Intramuros Tranvia


Note: Customizations may be subject to additional fees.  

Tour FAQs

How long will this tour take?

The ¡Hola Intramuros! tour usually takes around 2 – 3 hours to complete. This assumes a nice, comfortable walking pace covering around 3 kilometers or 7,000 steps. 

What time does the tour start?

We can do the tour in the morning (9:00am start) or in the afternoon (4:00pm start). You may request a different calltime if needed.

We want to take this tour, but we’re not really great with walking…

Not to worry! We can incorporate a bit of commuting between destinations, but you need to assume a fair amount of walking at any rate. If you want, we can rent a kalesa, van, jeepney, even a tranvia for you and your group, the cost of which will be added to your total tour fee. Prices of these rentals are available upon request. 

Number of participants:

We require a minimum number of 3 participants per tour. For 1 – 2 participants, you will pay the equivalent of 3 people, or Php 3,000.

Cancellation Policy:

Should you need to cancel the tour, we will give you a 100% refund of your payment if you cancel two days before your tour. Beyond that, no more refunds will be given.You may instead opt to reschedule your tour to a later date. 

Other notes:

Do wear comfortable clothing and shoes to this tour. Please bring rain gear (umbrella, jackets, raincoats, etc) as we will not immediately cancel or postpone the tour due to rain.

Tour fee: Php 1,000 per person (minimum of 3 people)

Inclusive of: Entrance fee to Fort Santiago

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