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Discover or rediscover Manila from the safety of your own homes. Choose from our selection of online topics
designed to give you a good grasp of what Manila is all about.

The One Night In Intramuros is a tour focusing on the darker pages of Intramuros’ history and its manifestations in the present. We mix history and suspense to create an experience that is both scary and informative.

The Stories From The War Online Tour covers the key events leading to the Battle of Manila and its horrible aftermath. We will visit the key areas to revisit the horrors that happened to Manila and its people during that horrible month.

The Manila History Talk is a hour long audiovisual experience that relates the history of Manila from pre-colonial times to the modern era. The presentation will incorporate video and music to make an engaging and exciting presentation.

For over four centuries, Intramuros was the center of the Philippines, the seat of power during the Spanish Colonial Period. It was the religious, educational, and economic center of the country. We will talk about the Spanish Colonial period, using Intramuros as our backdrop.

This online experience will showcase the American influence in Manila, though the context of the heritage structures they built in the city. We will explore Luneta, the National Museum Complex and its three buildings, Manila City Hall, Metropolitan Theater, Manila Central Post Office, and Jones Bridge before ending our tour in Escolta.

What is a WanderManila Online Tour like?

Our online tours are a true audiovisual experience, using videos and music to enhance the learning atmosphere. The actual tour is usually an hour long, then we allocate a substantial amount of time for a Q&A afterwards.

The biggest advantage of an online tour over our walking tours is that we’re able to cover more ground and give priority to the story we are telling, as opposed to conforming our stories to our walking itineraries. You can expect our online tours to go on a deeper dive with regards to historical and cultural discussions, as opposed to a walking tour.

Can my kids attend the online tours?

We usually adjust our language and content depending on the age range of the group, so having kids around should be no problem. However, we have two tours (One Night In Intramuros, Stories From The War) have sensitive content that your children may react negatively to, so be warned.

Where will you host the online tours?

We can host either on Zoom or Google Meet. Should you have another preferred platform, we will need to meet beforehand to do a technical test.

Can we book an online tour, then broadcast it onto a screen so that more people can watch?

Ah, for these kinds of engagements, you’ll want to check out Online Education page. They have options that will be more attuned to what you need.

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