Online Education

WanderManila has a suite of online education products, ready for deployment. Our online tours can be augmented for larger groups,
or we can create custom talks for your school or office. We also have summer workshops on Philippine History and Culture,
and we’ll have self-study modules coming soon.

For large groups

WanderManila can augment any of our curated online experiences for a large group. Perfect for school and work engagements.

Want to tour with us, but can’t find what you’re looking for? Tell us what you want, and we’ll customize an online experience for you and your group.

Kiddie Summer Classes (Coming Summer 2021)

PINAS 101 is a 10-session summer workshop on Philippine History. From Pre-colonial Philippines, the Spanish Era, the American Era, the Japanese Occupation, up to the Modern Era, we’ve got it covered. Best for kids 7 up to 12. 

PINOY 101 is a 10-session crash course on Philippine Culture. Aimed for Filipino kids living outside the country, the course aims to answer the question “What makes us Pinoy”. Best for kids 7 up to 12. 

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