One Night In Intramuros

The Halloween event of 2020 is now available for private online sessions. One Night in Intramuros is an online dark history tour of Intramuros, focusing on the more macabre stories and events that happened within its walls. The 450 year old walls of Intramuros has seen intrigues and betrayal, crimes of passion, and death on a staggering scale, and the energies of these events permeate in Intramuros to this very day.

The original One Night in Intramuros livestream event (October 30, 2020) was an unexpected but welcome success. 

   • The event had 44,940 total reactions, 38,787 total comments, and 15,032 total shares on Facebook.

   • Peak live viewers for the event was 23,544

   • Estimated reach was at 726,205 viewers; This is pure organic reach; at no point did we pay to boost the event

   • The phrase “One Night In Intramuros” trended on Twitter during the event.

Want to know more about the One Night in Intramuros livestream event? 

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Online Tour FAQs

Running Time: 1 hour, with up to an hour of extra time for Q&A

Touring Platform: You may choose between Zoom or Google Meet.  


What to expect?

All our online tours are true audiovisual experiences, incorporating videos, pictures, and audio onto the presentation for an engaging and interesting experience.


Number of participants:

We have no minimum number of participants, but we do have a cap of 15 participants* per private online tour.

*We count each individual account that sign into the tour via Zoom or Google Meet as one participant


Tour fee: Php 3,000 per session

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