¡Hola Intramuros!

For over four centuries, Intramuros was the center of the Philippines, the seat of power during the Spanish Colonial Period. It was the religious, educational, and economic center of the country. It was easily the most important city in the Spanish East Indies and undoubtedly the most important heritage zone in Metro Manila. 

In the ¡Hola Intramuros! online tour, we will talk about the Spanish Colonial period using Intramuros as our backdrop. We will talk about Maynila’s pre-colonial routes, its assimilation by the Spanish, the creation of the fabled walls, the start of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade, the governance of the Spanish, the impact of the 1800s, the Philippine Revolution, the American Era, up to the Battle of Manila.

Places of Interest:

   • Fort Santiago

   • Manila Cathedral

   • San Agustin Church

   • Aduana Building
   • Plaza San Luis

   • Baluarte de San Diego

   • Parian Park

   • Ayutamiento

Online Tour FAQs

Running Time: 1 hour, with up to an hour of extra time for Q&A

Touring Platform: You may choose between Zoom or Google Meet.  


What to expect?

All our online tours are true audiovisual experiences, incorporating videos, pictures, and audio onto the presentation for an engaging and interesting experience.


Number of participants:

We have no minimum number of participants, but we do have a cap of 15 participants* per private online tour.

*We count each individual account that sign into the tour via Zoom or Google Meet as one participant


Tour fee: Php 3,000 per session

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