They’re fun, they’re sassy, and they’re still standing. Not even 450 years worth of foreign occupation, harebrained government policies, and general negligence can douse the spirit of the MANILA GIRLS!  

WanderManila has partnered with Akim, Purple Banyan, The Living Room, and The Heritage Collective to feature the Manila Girls in a series of “Quick Facts” pages on four iconic districts of Manila: Intramuros, San Nicolas, Binondo, and Escolta. The Explore series is a quick way for the uninitiated to learn more about these districts in a fun and entertaining manner. Soon, we will incorporate video clips, maps, and other fun stuff into these pages as well.

Well? What are you waiting for? Click on one of those links and start exploring!

About the Manila Girls™

The Manila Girls are humorous and sarcastic personifications of popular districts and locations in Manila and beyond. While the Girls appear cute and adorable, their appearance and depiction reflect the current state of the areas they represent. Miss Escolta look dapper yet highly disheveled, Miss San Nicolas has a peg leg, Miss España gleefully jumps across flooded waters, and so on and so forth. The frankness of the statements the Manila Girls make stand in stark contrast to their cute appearance, making it easier to absorb the message the Girls are trying to convey. 

The Manila Girls are a creation of Kenny Tai under her Akim brand. 

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