Custom Manila Tours

See, hear, and feel Manila the way you want. If our other offerings don’t quite have what you’re looking for, we will customize a bespoke Manila tour for your group. Choose your own itinerary or let us create one for you. Walk the walls of Intramuros, marvel at the structures of Old Manila, go on a Binondo food trip, or marvel at the Manila Bay sunset. Tour what you want, when you want.

Custom Tour FAQs

What exactly is a Custom Manila Tour? 

The Custom Manila Tour are bespoke tour experiences for clients who want to go beyond the usual tour. These are for customers who want to visit places that are not on usual touring itineraries, as well as for customers who want to add more memorable experiences and activities to their itineraries.


How custom is custom?

Honestly, sky’s the limit (somewhat). There are certain things we won’t do for potential clients (more on that below), but we’ve been able to accommodate just about anything we’ve been asked to provide for guided tours. Customization can include the following:

   • Type of tour. By default, WanderManila conducts historical and cultural tours, but we can also do food tours, photo tours, art tours, bar crawls, and the like. 

   • Locations outside of the Manila Tourism Belt, as long as they’re within Metro Manila

   • Vehicle rental (Buses, vans, jeepneys, even tricycles)

   • Meals. This includes choice of restaurants for main meals, or specific snack stops/food options.

   • Shopping options

What activities are not allowed?

Generally, WanderManila will not conduct any activity that is deemed illegal within Metro Manila. Right off the bat, we will not provide clients with illegal drugs, we do not condone prostitution of any sort, and we will not go to any place we are not allowed to go to.  We also reserve the right to refuse any activity that can potentially cause harm to the client, and go to any place where we cannot assure the safely of the party.


How do we calculate the total tour fee?

WanderManila will try to keep your total tour fee at the minimum rate as much as possible. Having said that, the following factors come into play for the final calculation:

   • All meals and food items are to be shouldered by the party unless otherwise stated. This includes the meal/s of the tour guide.

   • Entrance fees and/or donations for certain venues 

   • Vehicle rentals

   • There is a fee adjustment if the tour extends beyond 6 hours.


Running Time: 

This will depend on the final itinerary and the number of activities. 


Number of participants:

We require a minimum number of 3 participants per tour. For 1 – 2 participants, you will pay the equivalent of 3 people, or Php 4,500.


Tour fee: Starts at Php 1,500 per person (minimum of 3 people)

Total fee depends on the final inclusions.

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